IT Staff Augmentation Services: A Must-Have for Modern Companies

Significant Benefits and Why Your Company Requires IT Staff Augmentation Services

Staff Augmentation | November 29th, 2021 | kristen



IT staff augmentation companies have turned into a valuable resource for organizations building superior quality software solutions. This outsourcing method supplements an in-house software development team with specialists who only work as required. With technological advancements, it is straightforward to create global remote teams without many challenges.
Furthermore, IT staff augmentation services remove the prerequisite to involve staff directly and evade comprehensive interviews and training programs. This approach saves a lot of resources and costs than the traditional recruitment process.
Coming to statistics, as per a Statista report, the worldwide outsourcing market in 2019 was $ 92.5 billion. However, the IT staff augmentation market size enlarged to $ 132.9 billion in 2020.

Varied Approaches and Styles of IT Staff Augmentation

IT staff augmentation is an influential tool for organizations. However, not many comprehend the diverse categories of staff augmentation and how to pick the precise approach.
So, before we jump to the advantages of IT staff augmentation services, let us discuss the exclusive approaches when utilizing them in your company:

  1. Onsite Project: Here, the staffing supplier will form separate groups to the client’s site for lengthier project durations, and staff members will execute tasks inside the client’s office. The staff supplying service provider generally provides assistance for transportation and lodging, but both companies should decide and sign a contract for who is remunerative.
  2. Offshore Project: Here, the staffing supplier may provide devoted groups to be utilized merely for associated client tasks. Dedicated staff member hours aren’t billed to non-client jobs. Working hours are flexible and adaptable as per the client’s requirements.
  3. Hybrid Approach: The staffing supplier will arrange groups in the same local area as the client who requires staff augmentation services. The supplier offers quick access to the groups of professionals when needed by the client.

Significant Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation Services

Let’s explore benefits and why your company needs IT Staff Augmentation Services for swifter business success.

  • Swift Availability and Approachability
    Recruitment, sourcing, training, retraining, and maintaining in-house staff are both costly and time taking. With IT staff augmentation, you get quick access to practiced and trained software professionals right away.
    These professionals can stick to the varied project needs that come with continuing and far-fetched progress. You are free from the complexities of in-house employees not fitting in, having cultural differences, or mishandling work styles. An augmentation service provider’s professional will take the place of an in-house employee swiftly if you are discontented.
  • Quick and Seamless Onboarding
    IT staff augmentation is swift for team onboarding and scaling, and you don’t have to be anxious about hiring and management. Minimal time is required to onboard your new team members through staff augmentation services. And they can start dealing with your assigned tasks faster. Also, you can quickly ramp up and ramp down resources hired through IT staff augmentation as per your project requirements.
  • Cost-Effective Management of Resources
    Managing employee insurance, paid absences, and other cost components are expensive. IT staff augmentation is a tactic to trim down resource overheads and save money. Instead, paying for employees annually, you are only remunerative for the skillsets you need and only when you necessitate them.
  • Improved Productivity and Team Size
    Lesser development costs enable you to hire more professionals, which boosts your company outputs. What if, for the equivalent money it would cost to hire ten full-time developers, you could hire 18 professionals with similar experience through the staff augmentation model.
  • Minimal Legal Pains and Documentation
    Recruiting professionals involves more legal responsibilities and documentation. Taxes, staff benefits, and payroll, all of this stuff entail it.
    However, when you utilize staff augmentation, the staff supplier company acts as the authorized employer of your developers. Consequently, the staff supplier company manages most of the legal responsibilities and handles the documentation.


So, IT staff augmentation companies offer several benefits when used precisely. Lower operational and software development costs, less legal or documentation work, lesser hiring pains, improved productivity, performance, and team size are the gains you will get with IT staff augmentation.
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