Why You Should Use React.js For Web Development

ReactJS Framework Working Wonders For Modern Web Development Businesses

Technology, Web App Development | November 29th, 2021 | Vasanth



The current ecosystem of front-end development is witnessing a fast-paced revolution. The major contributing parameters are the release of new tools every day and ever-expanding libraries and frameworks. With so many options in hand, it becomes difficult for business owners to make their pick.
Apart from Angular, there’s another popular choice surfacing today – ReactJS. Any web app development company which aims to stay relevant in the dynamic environment of design and development is inclining itself towards the ReactJS platform.

What is React JS?

ReactJS is a JavaScript library developed and maintained by Facebook to date. According to its creator, the framework is more efficient and flexible than other front-end development options. As per a recent survey by Stack Overflow, the ReactJS framework emerged as the most loved web framework while Angular ranked ninth.
If we consider a current estimate, there are over 2,20,000 live websites that are built-in ReactJS, reflecting the mammoth popularity of the framework. On top of that, major names like Netflix and Paypal have also started using ReactJS for their software products.

How Is ReactJS Helping Modern Web Development Businesses?

Whether web developers or App Development Companies, they all need to select a framework that best performs on various evaluative parameters to make their projects successful. Given below are these factors and how well ReactJS operates.

1. Speed

While talking about speed, we can conveniently state that ReactJS extends the option to developers to utilise the different units of their application on both sides, i.e., the client-side and the server-side, eventually boosting the development process.
In other words, multiple developers can write the code of the application. Moreover, they can even make changes without affecting the app’s main logic

2. Flexibility

Flexibility is a major factor why ReactJS continues to gain popularity as it contributes to providing a modular structure to the code. Such flexibility saves a lot of time and cost for businesses.

3. Performance

Performance was among the core competencies which the developers of ReactJS had in their minds. As a result, the ReactJS framework offers a virtual DOM and server-side rendering, which in turn tunes up the performance of complex applications.

4. Easy To Learn

Deploying the ReactJS framework is quite easy compared to Angular and other frameworks for those developers who are not well-versed with JavaScript.

How Can ReactJS Work Wonders For Your Project?

1. Build Rich UI For Your Application

The user interface of an application or website plays a great role in defining the usability of your digital property and providing it with the desired reputation among the users. Therefore, a strong reason to hire ReactJS developers is to build a rich user interface for your projects.

2. Develop Custom Components

You might have a team of developers, each working on different aspects of your project. Collaborating all their effort might seem tedious, but that’s not the case with ReactJS. It comes equipped with JSX, an optional syntax extension. Hence, they can write their separate components and compile their modules to produce the final code effortlessly.

3. Component Reusability Feature

Component reusability is a huge benefit that ReactJS provides developers as they can utilise the same digital object repeatedly. For example, if a developer wants to add simple components such as a button, text field, and a checkbox to use them again, they can move them to wrapper components which are ultimately placed inside the root components.


The popularity of ReactJS will inevitably continue to grow. With the increasing competition to take the best out of the framework, the need for skilled and experienced ReactJS developers is also expected to escalate.
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